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KEWAP Instructors are trained to facilitate the instruction for everyone in society including children (resources include a unique presentation for U16s).  KEWAP Instructors provide safe, informative and enjoyable training for those requesting instruction.  Previous clients include educational establishments, housing authorities and many other community-based & corporate organisations.  And for the record KEWAP is not an 'unarmed combat' orientated course but it is an urban environment related training programme. 

Please Note: The instructors course can be delivered in-house for Police, Military, HMP and Security related organisations etc.  

Instructor Course Entry Requirements
Instructor candidates must first be aged over 18 years. In addition, anyone who holds either an instructional, coaching, Army PTI, Police trainer or martial arts instructor related grade/qualification etc. may also attend. Those who hold a nationally accredited self-defence or physical intervention instructor/coach qualification (including PTLLS and above qualified persons) will also be eligiable.

Finally, if an instructor candidate does not hold any of the aforementioned but has a 'strong' recommendation from their respective instructor to attend they may do so (letter or email of proof required).

Next Course
The next KEWAP Instructors course: Sunday 30th November 2014.  For further details and a registration form please call us on: 07917 798 734 or email HERE

Qualified KEWAP Instructors Resources
KEWAP quiz cards resources.
Self-Defence Partnerships logo & concept.
Resources on KEWAP memory/data stick/disc:
Lesson plan document.
Formatted activity risk assessment document.
Activity safety brief document.
Medical registration form (for your KEWAP students).
Comprehensive handout (for your KEWAP students).
Feedback form (for your records).
3 professional template designed power-point presentations (over 18s, U16s & E/W specific).
Generic KEWAP logo & the KEWAP Instructor logo (your PR).
20 unique & professional Hi-Res ‘edged weapons’ photos (your PR).
KEWAP certificate template (for your candidates).
KEWAP Instructor certification (now UKi Standards award).
KEWAP Instructor patch.
FREE listing on the KEWAP national website (advertising you!).
FREE listing on the UKMAA networking website.


Senior KEWAP Instructor

This course is an advancement of the initial KEWAP Instructors course which also carries with it the much sort after Skills for Security (SfS) accredited 'Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition' course (4 street related classifications).

The theoretical content of this course helps to document in detail the differences between edged weapons and other classifications of street related weapons.

In addition, there is an advancement on the physical skills content which takes edged weapon defence techniques & tactics training to a higher level.

Only registered KEWAP Instructors will be invited to attend this course and successful instructors will gain the much sort after Senior KEWAP Instructor status and SfS accreditation!

Senior KEWAP Instructors (successful candidates) will receive up to date resources, a Senior KEWAP Instructor's patch and certification.

Next Course
The next Senior KEWAP Instructors: Sunday 7th December 2014.

Please Note: For further information about the content of both of these unique courses please feel free to email us via: or call: 07917 798 734 (0900 - 2000).

KEWAP Refresher Training

In short, refresher training for KEWAP Instructors will be set at four hours and be run on allotted Sundays.  The cost of refresher training will be an admin fee of £45.  In addition, in order to keep training costs down, any updates regards power-point presentations and documents will be emailed to attending Instructors (free resources).

With respect, and please remember, £45 is very low priced considering this fee covers training, refreshments, new certification, website registration and upgraded materials. 

Refresher training lasts only 4 hours i.e. 12:00 - 16:00 or 11:00 - 15:00 etc.